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The Business Mentorship Program

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Embark on a successful entrepreneurial journey with me as your mentor and with the unwavering support of entrepreneurs just like you. 

Your dream business begins here...

This 3-month group program is a step by step process that combines real nuts and bolts of business strategy, spiritual mindset practices, personal coaching along with community support and accountability. We help you skip the drama of figuring it all out by yourself.

You'll receive in depth training on business skills through 1:1 coaching, group coaching calls, guest expert sessions and more! 

Here's a sneak peek at what’s included: 12 key Business Modules 2 monthly group video coaching calls 1 Private 90 minute coaching session with me Monthly 4 hour group workshops Guest expert sessions Dedicated private facebook group Overall Profile Review  

I'm in!

Get the needle moving TODAY! Supercharge your purpose and boost your productivity with our Weekly Goal Planner. 

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Meet your coach

Hey folks! I'm Savitha Nanjappa. I've been where you are and I know I can help. I have made it my life's mission to help transform people's lives and get them to their next level of success.  

My story is a lot like yours. I struggled too, to gain clarity, to know how to move forward and understand what is possible for me and my talents in this world. But I sought help both for my business and my spiritual self and worked on my mental blocks and mindset. Which is why I don't want you to go through the same struggle and frustration that I did years ago. I have helped over 250 women and men transform their Lives and Business. I have helped my clients move forward in different areas such as personal branding, gain confidence, create visibility, launch a business, realise their life purpose and more..  


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Here's what folks are saying

"The digital tips and tricks which Savitha highlighted helped me gain a great insight into the industry. Some of the other tips which seemed to be the latest was the automations and advertisements bit. The environment in the workshop was extremely positive."  

 - Snigdha Jaiswal  

" Savitha took us through the various tools and social media and marketing platforms to use. Thank you for giving me step by step guidance about building a brand." 

- Urvashi Devancy 

Imagine Yourself...

  • Having clarity about your business and purpose.  
  • Doing a little happy dance after booking your first soulmate client.
  • Not worrying about how to make money.  
  • Confident to scale.  
  • Feeling like you CAN make things happen for you.  
  • Knowing you have access to a community that you can tap into anytime for support.

Let’s lay it out: The Plan

Program starts April 15th, 2019. 

  • The 12 weekly modules are packed with practical takeaways and actionable advice you can implement RIGHT AWAY. 

Here’s what’s in store:  

  • Pre start checklist - When you sign up you IMMEDIATELY gain access to our short and sweet pre - start pack. This pack is designed to rev you up for the program and familiarize yourself with our practices, tools, reading lists and checklists. Get your hands on it ASAP to fast track your results!  
  • Your vision + goal setting - Our first module will align you with your purpose and help you discover your values. You will create your vision plan for 2019 and set up your 90 day goals!  

  • Your financial playbook - Learn how set up your money playbook, develop new money mantras, create financial goals and work on your unconscious beliefs.  
  • Your ideal client - Who are you absolutely meant to collaborate with? Learn to Identify your target market and your ideal, soulmate client. Find your potential client’s pain points, do your market research and define your unique selling point.

  •  Your offerings, pricing and packages - Learn to create packages and pricing for your offerings that guarantee profitability.  
  • Sales and strategy sessions - Learn how to close sales without being pushy and make irresistible offers with confidence!  
  • Client onboarding - Set up clear processes, have standard systems and formats in place to be able to onboard clients and deliver uniquely curated experiences!  
  •  Branding + website -Create a brand you love and a website that rocks. Know what your brand represents, know how to engage with your brand designer and get the right look and tone for your brand.  
  •  Storytelling + copywriting -Learn how to write great copy and persuade your target audience through emotional triggers. Captivate your audience with your story and transform random visitors into loyal fans.  
  • Business systems - Set up clear systems and tools that help your business run on autopilot. Set up your dashboards and analytics that are critical to the your business growth.  


  •  Social media - Become a social media superstar! Every entrepreneur knows the importance of social media but they don’t know HOW to make it work for their brand. Understand the social media landscape, set up your business pages, curate your profiles and learn to build your following!  
  • Media training - Become a social media superstar! Every entrepreneur knows the importance of social media but they don’t know HOW to make it work for their brand. Understand the social media landscape, set up your business pages, curate your profiles and learn to build your following!  
  • Facebook Ads - Get prepped by creating compelling ad copy that converts. Learn to create your first facebook ad, know your metrics, pexels and how to optimise them!  

  • 2x monthly group video coaching calls.  
  • 2 Private 90 minute coaching sessions every month.  
  • 4 hour group workshops every month.  
  • Guest expert sessions.  
  • Dedicated private facebook group.  
  • Social Media Profile Review. 
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Our Guest Experts

Anirudh Narayan - Marketing Strategy 

Anirudh Narayan is an author with his new book coming out soon titled "Scale Smart - How to get your first 1000 customers in India" and growth specialist that has helped over 1000 aspiring entrepreneurs and 50 start ups in US, Latin America, Africa and Asia with launching their idea, reaching product-market fit and scale. His core specialties lie in user acquisition, funnel optimization, growth hacking and business development. Anirudh’s previous experiences involve Growth at Rocket Internet, Shutterstock, Lean Startup Machine as well as mentoring at accelerators like Numa. He has also taught digital marketing with SimpliLearn and Upgrad. Anirudh currently helps entrepreneurs launch and scale their business through bootcamps, courses, consulting services and products with his platform  

He was recently featured among the Top 500 Growth Hackers in the world.

Anushka Kalro for Branding 

A digital nomad, currently based out of Asia's bustling Silicon Valley, Bangalore, Anushka Kalro is an independent design professional offering creative and contextual solutions to small businesses.  

Her business is centered around turning thought into storytelling in the form of Branding, Illustration, and Visual Communication Design. Her personal goal is to build or belong to an innovation think tank that creates impact in the space of lifestyle and livelihood specific to education, craft, and living and lifestyle practices.


  • Social Media profile review.  
  • Welcome packet which includes a Pre start documents. 
  • Our Success Mindset Checklist. 
  • Business Essentials Checklist.
  • Sales scripts. 

You can’t pass this up if…

  • You are a service based business.
  • You have just launched your business or planning to launch one. 
  • You are not making the kind of money you dreamed of.
  • You need the right support, business skills and fundamentals.
  • You want to scale fast.  
  • You are a fast action taker 

Our curriculum guides you through on how to start and scale your business. I’ll with you through every step of the way as you create or refine your business model, learn how to charge and earn your worth, develop a unique brand, hone your marketing and messaging, set up automated business systems and processes to bring in consistent cash and clients. In our workshops we noticed that passionate and driven entrepreneurs like YOU wanted the support, needed the accountability and to be taken through systematic process without the overwhelm which follows. That's why I have created this curriculum with these specific modules. 

Are you ready?  

The investment for UNSTOPPABLE business success

Can you put a price on success? 

This program is priced $2500 internationally. Having trained and continuing to coach internationally, I'm excited to share exclusive content with you at a fractionof that price. Here at SWS we want you to have a journey full of values. Therefore, your investment for the program is : 

Program Fee - Rs. 55,000/-

Talk to us about a 3 part payment plan 

Why choose to work with me? 

I don’t want to keep all the secrets of earning a 6 to 7 figure income to myself. There’s immense joy in empowering others, igniting their imagination and helping them realize the full range of their potential.

I know how to get you mentored with the perfect tools, skill sets, mindset practices, personal development needs and the transformation you need to get you to your next level!

The SWS Community consists of: 

Interior Designers 

Fashion Designers/Stylist 

Bloggers/ Influencers



Makeup Artists 

Graphic designers

Corporates/ Entrepreneurs 


Fitness/Wellness Coaches



You snooze you lose!

Elevate your business and transform your entrepreneurial mindset in our 16-week business mentorship program. 

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