Savitha Nanjappa is a sought after professional speaker on women's empowerment, entrepreneurship and personal growth. She combines her authentic speaking style with practical strategies and memorable stories to drive intentional change on both a personal and professional level. Her mantra is Progress over Perfection and she believes Visibility & Networking is critical to Success.

Her passionate yet entertaining speaking style and message speaks to all age groups, helping them understand what holds them back and how to get past it.

Best of all- Savitha is an example of what she teaches having overcome a number of challenges. She believes if she can serve the world whilst being based in India, anyone can achieve their dreams.

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I believe being Visible helps you take all your talents and put it in front of the people that need you the most. Every time you show and play out loud you're creating impact and inspiring someone out there.



Savitha is an  award winning Business Coach, Founder of Global Coaching Platform - Success With Savitha, Podcast Host, Contributor @Forbes, International Speaker and Member of  the Forbes Coaches Council.

As an internationally certified coach, she has coached over  300+ Businesses, impacted 3000+ clients and has over  17+ years in Corporate India having worked with brands like Airtel, ICICI Prudential, Tata Docomo, Novo Nordisk in Sales, Marketing & Customer Experience.

She has been featured on media publications such as Thrive Global, FOX, ABC, CBS, Media Bulletin and regularly writes for Forbes.

She is the host of the "Success With Savitha Podcast '' which has over 150K+ downloads and growing and has featured some brilliant guests on the show. 

Talk Topics:

Savitha speaks on topics around Women In Entrepreneurship, Self Care, Mindset, Visibility and Networking. Her 2 most Popular talks are:

Topic 1: Conscious Visibility

Visibility is about showing up and playing out loud, putting yourself in front of your target audiences, creates awareness about you and your brand/business and in the workplace is one of the key attributes to getting to the next Level (among other skill  sets).

But this is one area that people tend to shy away from since it feels inauthentic and “put on” and  is especially true for most women. However choosing to be visible or not is no more an option, it is a  necessity. Because simply put Visibility builds trust & credibility. 

The Conscious Visibility Talk has been designed to unpack and address all these myths, limiting  beliefs and fears that are holding people back. 

Topic 2: Intentional Networking

It's been said Your Network is your Net worth.  Networking helps you grow your Business, your sales and find opportunities that may be completely unexpected. In a professional career it helps you to advance your career and gives you access to more job opportunities. However the key is to do it with Intention and Consistency. In this talk I share how to get started and how to Network with Confidence and Ease


"Savitha is warm speaker who instantly connects with the audience. She inspires action, motivates and breaks down step by step how to fix whats holding you back, deal with your fears and dream big!"

Carolyn Simon

North Trust

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